We love Tonypandy.

There have been recent articles in Wales Online saying that Tonypandy is dead. It’s really upset us because we couldn’t disagree more. From our experience: Tonypandy isn’t dead – it is alive, it is full of potential, and it is growing.

We are Hope Church Rhondda and we love Tonypandy. We absolutely love it. We love its people. We love its businesses. We love its mountains and we even love its weather (most of the time)! We just love it. We want it to be a peaceful place. We want the high street to be full, we want businesses to flourish and we want the town and its people to thrive.

There are lots of reasons why we love this place. Here are some reasons why people in Hope Church love Tonypandy:

Amazing hills to explore and loads of great local businesses run by creative people – Sarah

Strong sense of community, beautiful hills, great running trails – Simon

Tonypandy has been the most welcoming place I’ve lived – people actually care about who lives in their street and have offered me help when I’ve needed it. It’s been great to see new businesses start up in the high street over the last year and there is always a buzz on Friday market day – Kate

I love the welsh buttered doorstop toast they serve in Country Kitchen – Jenni

Having instant access to walking along beautiful mountains is something I love about living in Tonypandy. Shops in the town that are owned by friends who have worked so hard to grow their own businesses is something I’m so proud of – Jodie

There’s a real sense of community in the Rhondda – Jenna

Tonypandy is rich in history. From almost every direction you can see its beautiful hills.There’s a sense Tonypandy is about to embark on a new journey of economic growth and of blooming business. I am full of hope for Tonypandy and proud to call it my home – John

Another reason we love Tonypandy is because of these words below.

“Seek the peace and prosperity of the city [valley] (to which I have sent you)” – Jeremiah 29:7

These words are from a bible verse. We think that God wants us to love wherever we live and to want peace and prosperity there. So that’s what we want for Tonypandy.

We know Tonypandy hasn’t had the best press recently and so here are three things we can do together to make it a better place.

1. Use Tonypandy – Let’s actively use the local shops, the parks, the services that Tonypandy has to offer. If we don’t use it, we may lose it! You could even start a business?! You can read more about great things to do / see on Sarah’s blog and on Tonypandy online.
2. Pray with us or – Pray for Tonypandy – We spend a lot of time praying for Tonypandy. We believe God answers prayer. Why not give it a go?
3. Seek peace in Tonypandy – Let’s be peaceful people who speak well of our town and work together to see it succeed and thrive.

Let’s do this!

– Sarah Sutton

P.S. We’re running Hope Church because we love Jesus and we believe he can give anyone a fresh start, forgiveness and real hope. If you want to find out more, please connect with us on a Sunday, or anytime. We meet at 4.30pm next to Budget Vets. We’d love to have you.